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How to use

What we did?

Every manufacturer has to design their products first. Tools used for this operation are some of the most popular CAD software such as SolidEdgeSolidWorksInventor, etc. Vumia found that what connects all those different types of software is .stp file format. That said, we made an converter in order to display 3D models inside every browser. During the conversion process, our special algorithm does the optimization of the models to ensure it will display fast and reliable. 

In a nutshell: You drag and drop your 3D assembly made in one of the CAD software saved as .stp file format and get your model inside browser, anywhere in the world. Our solution is entirely focused on after-sales and spare parts management

How to upload a model

How to create a product

Features included 

by Vukasin Milinkovic

Product creation

As a manufacturer, to create a product you just have to select the component which you want to sell and click “create a new product” button. If named correctly, just enter the price and SKU number under which you follow this product through bookkeeping tools. 

Product images

Imagine having to take pictures of all the components and spare parts. You got headache, right? With vumia, pictures of the spare parts are automatically generated from 3D model and selected component. 

Admin dashboard

Keeping track of your products and orders is done through the feature-rich dashboard where you can organize everything according to your needs. 

Private model sharing

If you don’t want everyone to open your models, you can share them only with the ones you work with, whether it’s a dealer, trader, or sales agent. Besides, nobody can download your models, we guarantee.