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How to take a picture of any product

In 21st century we are still obligated to take pictures of each product individually. We can achieve this either under our own management for which not only we need to invest in gear such as cameras, studio, white box, lights, ambient, but also time wasted on editing, naming, scaling, etc… 

Let me ask you, how much can this cost you per picture, not to mention that in order to take the picture, you have to have the product on stock? 

We did some research and found a shocking fact that only the process varies from 1$ up to 8$ per product, depending on the market you’re in and product structure

If you thought this is the end, you’re so wrong! 

Those pictures have to be stored somewhere, right?!

Ok ok, I don’t want to give you a headache. 

There is a way to bypass the entire case mentioned above for less than a thousand bucks annually, which compared to the amount of work in a conventional way could be a bargain. 

This is how you create images and products automatically on 

No cameras, no studio, no white box, no lights, no parts on stock, no wasted time on editing, naming, grouping… 

We are currently giving away free license for a year to first 20 clients with a premium subscription. Feel free to join us!