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All #manufacturers probably face the same obstacles regarding the after-sales department

This painful process causes headaches each day and it seems never-ending. 

If we take a closer look into the life cycle of any product, regardless of an industry, whether it's an engine, clutch, blade, or even a bearing it all starts with the design under R&D. R&D development can take several weeks, months, or even years, and some of the tools used by durable goods manufacturers are well-known CAD software (SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge, etc.). Due to the extremely high costs of this process, manufacturers are focused on capitalizing and short term ROI, because hey, salaries can't wait, and they are right! 

Depending on the #marketing budget, strategy, and market demand, some products will achieve glory on the market. 

Our question is long term. What happens with the products after they stop being manufactured? What should people/companies do in order to maintain their precious items? Maybe it's their source that brings bread on the table? For the mechanic, an air compressor is a must, if it breaks he may not fix it the same day, or the day after, sometimes for a week if there are no spare parts.

From a manufacturer’s standpoint of view, we can arguably support their actions. 

Each time a manufacturer updates their product with a new component, supplier, no matter the reasons why ( could be a lower price for more quality, could be a higher price for less quality ), the company needs to change all their assets (complete documentation, user manuals, bookkeeping, pictures, prices and much much more ) that follow that particular product. Because one small component in their assembly changed, the chain brakes. And trust us, this happens a lot! Imagine changing your whole body because your one hair fell off. Maybe even compare it with more extreme cases, just imagine your kid has trouble with the appendix. As a parent, you are familiar with the flaw, and you can start taking actions immediately, but even so, medicine didn’t go that far so you can cure everything in a couple of minutes. The same goes for manufacturers(parents) - products(kids) but more often, with every kid. To differentiate kids from products, time invested in curing kids is driven by love, while time invested in fixing the product is financially driven. 
Now we came to the core of a problem. Maybe medicine didn’t progress as much as curing everything in a couple of minutes, but we can assure you that your tools will have maximum attention in the after-sales aspect! Now comes the time where you won’t have to lose nerves on fixing your “kids” to retain, but gain market position, whether you are a small manufacturer or an enterprise business. will get you covered and cured of the after-sales disease by removing the appendix which in this case are complete documentation, user manuals, bookkeeping, pictures, prices and much much more